The beaches of Alonissos are stunningly beautiful and unique. Neighboring coves have dissimilar pebbles, stones or sand. The waters are crystal clear, and one often experiences freshwater springs when snorkeling. The beaches vary in their gradients and depths too, with sandy bottoms to rocks and coral. All are fabulous to swim from and have earned Alonissos, prestigious international awards. Most of the beaches are accessible by car or bike or the road takes you very near with a short stroll to follow. A few are more demanding to get to and require a little walk, whereas a couple of them can only be accessed by boat. Below is a list of most of the finest beaches Alonissos has to offer, although there are many rocky areas where one can swim from that are not mentioned and others for you to discover. Enjoy exploring the varied and unique coastline of one of the best natural green islands that Greece has to offer.