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Alonnisos Villas is part of Alonnisos Travel, a local Travel Agent, with a vast amount of resources and professional staff, responsible for quality holiday accommodation and leaders in vehicle hire, excursions and activities on Alonissos since 1987.

Rest assured of a first class service when booking Villas in Alonnisos, or any type of accommodation or service through us. Alonnisos Villas go the extra mile ensuring that each Villa in Alonnisos exceed the expectations of clients who regularly book every year. A simple welcome pack to a fully pre stocked larder and refrigerator, nothing is too much trouble, making your vacation an enjoyable, memorable experience from start to finish.

Regular inspections and maintenance of your Alonnisos Villa, ensure the highest standards and cleanliness. A ‘Concierge Service’, running personal errands 24/7 as well as a personal chef and staff can be arranged. You know that someone is on hand when choosing one of our Villas in Alonnisos.